About This Site

This site is to keep locals in the know about Mud Season deals!  We look forward to 2 for 1 meals, all day Happy Hours, free music, and all tips that can make Mud Season fun and ever more affordable.  Steamboat Springs is a great place to be.  Having more fun being here has hurt us yet.

Mud Season Paradise in Steamboat Springs!

Freshies $8 11 before 11

steamboat springs freshies restaurant mud season deals

It’s hard not to like Freshies.  What’s most difficult is finding a parking space in their lot!  I went to lunch there last week and was talking to my friend about it.  I told him, if a parking lot of a restaurant is full, there’s a reason.

This mud season is no different from others – they are offering their $8 menu until 11:00 a.m.  Check them out!  My favorite is Chiliquiles.  I’m grabbing some of those shortly!